How To Become A Member Of kConFab

kConFab welcomes membership applications from health professionals and researchers who work with families at high-risk for breast and breast/ovarian cancer or have an interest in breast cancer research. People requesting membership in kConFab will be asked to provide:

  • A curriculum vitae
  • Justification of membership

Membership applications are to be addressed to:

Heather Thorne
kConFab, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
Locked Bag No.1

This material will be circulated to the Executive Committee of kConFab. Unless written objections are sent to Heather Thorne within 3 weeks, the request for membership will be approved. If objections are forthcoming, the request for membership in kConFab will be referred to the Executive Committee for final resolution.

How does an application to KConFab for a research project get approved?
Full details can be found at: Information, Policies and Procedures for Access to Biospecimens